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“Leonardo, the Renaissance Master” Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:Discussion Question (please include greeting and the questions in your answer)Hello greatest classmates and professor in the world…LOLDescribe the moment captured in Leonardo’s Last Supper painting, and discuss the reasons why disciples are shown on the same side of the table.Describe the most well-known techniques that Leonardo used to give more realism to the painting.Next, discuss one (1) of Leonardo’s inventions (or proposed inventions) that most fascinates or surprises you, and explain why. Compare Leonardo to some modern that lives today. (who today is a great inventor, entrepreneur, World Changer or Businessperson, that has multi-skills and talents)ExploreVideo by Dr C for WK 7 Chapter 14: (please click link) da VinciChapter 14 in the book is the chapter to find answers for the discussion If you have the hard copy, (pp. 489-492), art of da Vinci; is a good place to start, Please be sure to use the glossary or index to save time. If you have the ebook . Please use the search bar in the ebook to find the exact location and page numbers.Please do online search -copy and paste or type in Goggle “Partial restoration of the Last Supper “ choose a linkPlease do online search Images, article, and 16th century copy of the Last Supper at (copy and paste or type into Google) this link: do online search by typing or copying and pasting into Goggle “Leonardo’s work in science and invention” choose one of the linksPlease Avoid using Forbidden websites such as Course Hero, Cheggs, Wikipedia, etc., or any websites that have the answers “prepared” or “for sale.” Also please avoid posting content that is missing in-text citations and references. Both are examples of plagiarism. Your post or paper will be “Flagged” by Black Board. Minimum 125 wordsPlease no attachments in the discussion area: Students using phones or tablets cannot open, read, or comment on your post. Please fill in each section with your summary of your research using your own words.Additional help: Please watch video belowAssessing Leonardo da Vinci’s Last SupperOk, so first let’s tackle the question of why he puts all the disciples on the same side of the table. Obviously in real life no one eats dinner with everyone on one side of the table right? So why does he choose to paint it in this way? Give me a few sentences as to why you think did that and then assess a little bit about what you think of this work. Then discuss some of the painting techniques he used. This website (Please do online search copy and paste in your browser) will be helpful for finding information about his techniques. Of course, remember to put all of this in your words. This section should probably be at least two paragraphsThe invention of Leonardo that I find most fascinating wasPick one of his inventions and tell me why you think it was significant and cool. This website lists a bunch of them in great detail (Please do online search copy and paste in your browser) “Leonardo inventions ” that should get you started here. For some reason, last term a bunch of people cited the Mona Lisa as an invention, which it is not, so steer clear of assessing that here pleaseA modern comparison to Leonardo would beOk, this should be fun. Leonardo is often described as the epitome of a ‘Renaissance Man’, but what does that mean? A Renaissance Man is someone who was so skilled in many areas and was a real game changer in the world. Remember for this section someone who did something amazing in just one area of the world would be a weak comparison. Leonardo was a painter, inventor, weapons designer, etc. and was amazing at all of those things. Who today reminds of someone like that? So name the person and then explain WHY you think they are a modern Renaissance Man.Click here to watch the video



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